The Hiring Book

Najaf Ali
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Ask CTO's, technical leads, founders, and anyone in charge of building software what their biggest challenge is and the chances are they will say hiring developers. Everyone has a problem with hiring developers and everyone complains about a shortage of technical talent.

But from the point of view of a developer, there is a shortage of decent companies to work for. The average company doesn't know how to attract developers and doesn't know how to make a good place to work for them.

This book is for anyone that wants to grow a team of developers. Rather than give you tactics for finding a single developer and getting them to build a thing for you, this book is about the long-term outlook you will need to make hiring progressively easier as your team grows.

Content outline

Here's a non-final, very rough outline of the content of the book:

1. Intro

2. Three years of good work

3. What to do when they leave

4. Running a productive development team

5. On-boarding

6. You don’t need an interview

7. Structure your hiring process

8. Write your job spec

9. Finding good candidates

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The Hiring Book

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